Max Hoberman aka Yeroen is a former employee of Bungie Studios and was a designer for the multiplayer feature of the Halo games. Born in 1978 in Austin, Texas, USA, he grew up and pursued a career in photojournalism. He started at Bungie Studios in 1997, effectively ending that career before it began. He has done many jobs at Bungie, including graphic designer, web monkey, community team manager, ui designer--and is now responsible for multiplayer, UI and Xbox Live design for Halo 2. He is married, presumably with children, his profile claims he has "10 sets of identical twins, each named after a Halo level.

He was in the credits for Oni, Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2, mostly for his work as lead designer. He has since moved on from Bungie Studios, forming a spin-off studio named Certain Affinity where his most recent works have been re-contributing to Halo 2 in the form of downloadable content, most notably in the form of Tombstone and Desolation. Even though his departure was still during Halo 3's development process, he appeared in the final credits.

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