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I have a new seat almost directly behind Mr. Noguchi. I can feel his rage behind me at all times like the furnaces of hell.

~ Stosh on Mat Noguchi

He might look like he's smiling, but inside of him is a boiling, churning rage that cannot be contained.

Sm Mat N

Mat Noguchi is a tools programmer at Bungie who's desk is the gravitational center of the universe. He left the clutches of the Microsoft Visual Studio team to make great games, uncontested at Bungie Studios.

Trivia Edit

Nickname: Gooch

Classification: GrizzledAncients

Current Job: Ship-it Programmer

Origin: Pit of vituperative rage

Blood Type: Black

Age: 29

Weight: Spry yet supple

Height: Classified

Girth: Classified

First Job: Code monkey, Microsoft

Hobby: Calming down

Ultimate Snack: The hopes and dreams of gamers everywhere

Ultimate Website: Classified

Favorite Weapon: A butterfly in China

Biography Edit

Formerly a quiet little programmer trapped in the depths of an uninspiring job within Visual Studio, Mat found his seed of rage after joining Bungie in December 2000. Not one to let rational thought guide him, Mat has spent the last three years ranting and raging about one thing or another. It's a wonder Halo shipped at all.

Tools Edit

He worked on a few tools that were integral for the development of the Halo games all the way from Halo: Combat Evolved to Halo 2, and presumably now for Halo 3. The first of which is called Tool, a multi-purpose all-in-one backyard-shed swiss-army-knife of tools accessed from the command line. The second is a game data editor called Gorilla that provides a way to get content into the game. The third and final tool, Forge, is the Halo level editor that provides a way to place content into the game. Sapien is probably his most notable accomplishment and is the one that he is most proud of. Other than those two, he has probably worked on a myriad of others that receive no mention.

Noguchi's Desk Edit


This diagram illustrates the relation between Noguchi's desk and other major gravitational sources.

Noguchi's desk is a monument to the rage of Noguchi and marks the location of the gravitational center of the universe. His desk shelters and bears so much junk (mass) concentrated at a single location that tips the scales of gravity and opens up a worm hole into his mind that leaves a means of escape for his uncontrollable bursts of rage. If you look at his desk, you are actually looking into his mind.

Unbounded Rage Edit


Noguchi has anger management problems and is often seen cursing and swearing while play testing the latest build. He has a strong sense of how games should and shouldn't be and the games that he plays are never what he thinks they should be. The source of his anger remains, for the most part, unknown.

External Links Edit

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