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Mastersniper_123, or MS_123, first joined December 13th, 2006. A couple of days later, as he was wandering's New Hotness(not the New New Hotness), he found the rapidly growing group Council of Spartans and quickly elevated through the ranks,and becoming tangled in a power struggle between the two large factions in the group. Choosing to stay neutral he watched from the sides as they all quickly tore the group apart. Later Lord Snakie won the argument,and Grim and Gzalzi both left This left shadow as the only remaining member of their party.

Later on, he finally made an attempt to form his own group, called The Last Line. This group quickly fell into activity due to Bungies update, but with new-found experience and determination, MS tried a new campaign in June by creating a group called The Art of War. This group quickly grew and peaked at around 250 members. There was a golden age that ended abruptly in September when two trusted members took over the group, but it didn't last long.MS took it back almost instaneously and reprimanded the two.

Eventually inactivity plagued The Art of War and it died but with new friends gained, and even more experience. MS has since moved on and made The Art of War Reborn which is still active and thriving with many new faces such as Jimmy_Raynor, Sledog Style, allama, dedone, and CBK

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