MASTER YODEL is and was responsible for leading the Seperates and attacking Elite made Group

His BeginningEdit

MASTER YODEL in the beginning was just a Spartan Lover, Always liked to kill Elites, When He Joined Bungie and Figured out that Their were groups for Elites, He Sprung into action.

His PlanEdit

He hated Elites so he set out to find a lot of the Known Conquerors like MBT Knight,Vebby, and Duck Dodgers. They were Heard all over Bungie about them taking Elite Groups. Finally, MBT had to help his group and Duck Dodgers Betrayed Him By Taking the Legendary Halo Group, Which was mine, I am THEE ARBITER. So BR131 promoted him and Duck Dodgers only took the group to Piss off YODEL, But BR131 regained power and took the group back, Now nobody has heard of him. Most think that he Is his Alt, Others think he was hacked by Duck Dodgers. But all I can say now is that I hope Bungie Puts an end to Duck Dodgers.

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