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MAST3R Y0DA was a member and alternate account of Dogbert14. He is known for being Count Confusion's protege. He joined on January 12, 2006.

In Elite groupsEdit

Y0DA's activity in Elite-themed groups was fairly well-known. He helped several groups out and helped them prosper.


MAST3R Y0DA's avatar.

Separatist/Elite warEdit

In the S/E war, Y0DA's group, Master Elites, was destroyed by Count Confusion (an alternate account of his). Vowing revenge, he contacted him and eventually became "brainwashed" into hating Elite groups. CC left but not before announcing that there would be a successor taking his place. This confusion about who the apprentice was lasted for 1-2 months. Y0DA then revealed that he was the apprentice, formally declaring that even more Elite groups would fall under his control. Several other Sep figures such as MASTER YODEL declared that he had no right to be the new leader of the Seps, starting a conquering-based group of their own.

As promised, several groups were conquered by Y0DA and the remaining Seps, most notably The Evil Council. Eventually it was discovered that he was an alternate account of Dogbert14.


Dogbert revealed that he based Y0DA's personality and life off of Saruman from Lord of The Rings - an originally good, caring person who comes in contact with a common enemy and becomes corrupted.

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MAST3R Y0DA's Profile

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