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Luke Smith (aka Scarab Lord,Lukems, Crazy Beta Guy) is a former 1UP editor who joined Bungie in May, 2007 as a new writer.

Luke Smith is known for his shaggy beard, his podcasts, and his frank, uncensored opinions.

In 2005, Luke Smith famously trashed Halo 2 in a long article entitled Broken Halo: Five Ways Bungie Can Fix Halo 2. In the article, he called Halo 2 "broken" over and over again as he gave his opinion on the things that he did not like about Halo 2's multiplayer.

Bungie AccountEdit

He joined on 3/21/2007.

Lukems current avatar.

He has not decided on a custom avatar and has the powers of all Bungie Employees.

Luke's titles have been "scarab lord", "assassin of joy", and "real talk".

His current title is "don't get treated".


TJ Scoot
Bang Shed (current)

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