Real LifeEdit

Luke35120 (Luke) was born in 1994 in a small town in B.C. Canada. He enjoys gaming, paintballing, camping, hunting, snowmobiling, quading, hockey and sometimes reading. He is interested in trying football in next season. He currently is jobless (big surprise) but during the hockey season he referees hockey.

Luke has taken an interest to web coding and his hoping to get into a class at his high school where he can learn more about web coding and coding in general. CAVX's Coup d'Bungie lead him to his interest in how it was made but under a ignorant mistake he asked about HTML instead of Javascript (which Greasemonkey scripts mostly are). After Luke foraged a bit on his own he joined "Inside the Machine" and they have helped him learn quite a bit about web coding. LifeEdit

Luke35120 joined on the 26th of January in 2008. He enjoys all of the forums but specifically calls the Community Forum home. He hasn't played much with people from the community forum but he wants to. There is some groups Luke enjoys visting but he is a co-admin of The Spartan I Project with Mahdi AKA SIP Overlord AKA Pastor Paul B AKA Fedaykin Paul. The group is due up on the community spotlight soon and Luke has a screenshot that will be up there. The screenshot is found in the link mentioned beforehand.

Bungie GamesEdit

Luke isn't the greatest Halo player but he finds having fun more important. He has several of the achievements for Halo 3 just missing some of the meta-games. Luke would like to try Marathon but he forgets every time he buys Microsoft Points to buy the Arcade game.


-Luke joined four days before his birthday -Luke shares a name with Luke Smith (Bungie Employee) and Luke Mckay




If you really want to MSN with Luke, add him at When you add him please include a message as to you who are. If you aren't accepted, get to know Luke first. He may add you then.



Luke35120's Profile

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