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Lower the Guns
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Motto Lower the Guns, Love Players
Members 6811 (8.13.15)
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The Lower The Guns group is a group of dedicated machinimators that have come together on to protest Bungie's decision not to enable the lowering of weapons over Xbox Live in Halo 3. Since the group started, it gained 4900+ members and are growing constantly. We also have over 30 known support videos and have the support of some major production companies and halo community websites. The reason They are protesting this decision is because it hurts every aspect of doing machinima online in Halo 3 and is forcing some machinimators to even go back and use Halo 2 to make machinima.

Lower the Guns is the largest group on, having surpassed even Compound Intelligence.

Motto: Lower The Guns, Love, Players

Name of protest: Operation HOWL (Halo Online Weapon Lowering)

Next protest date: 7/7/09 (Bungie day 09)

Forum moderators of the forums: Bolddoughnut (founder), Jayfng2 (co-founder), TThe MostWanted (Sub Founder/ Head of Forums), Time Glitch (Prime Recruiter), RvB Sarge 1944 (Forum Cop), Bounty Z (Forum Cop)

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