On Febuary 23 2011, at around 10:49 AM, Flood forum user "Remember John" created a thread titled: "I fell in love with a guy"

Minutes later, the first parody thread appeared. "I fell in love with a girl"

Further parody threads ensued, with names with the same prefix.

I fell in love with:

my sammich

(Author: The Game Is Lost)

A turtle

(Author MagicBananas412)

A Desk


A Godzilla

(Author Egyptian Cobra)

With my -blam!-


With YOU

(Author: EliteTrain)

A pidgeon

(Author: Blood Mercy)

Your mom

(Author: AndyHullsBeard)

In love with...

Inside, the thread's only word is "YOU"

(Author: KranBe)

you good sir

(Author: immablamestosh)

Other threads emerged, all making fun of Remember John in various manners.

All in all, this was a very amusing parody thread day, but by no means large.

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