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Biography Edit

Lorraine arrived at Bungie as a freelance illustrator for Oni during the release of Myth II and became a full-fledged employee in April 1999. Being the only female employee to make it out to Redmond during the Microsoft acquisition, her tolerance of "gradeschool man-talk" is unparalleled. Her interest in science fiction, militaria, martial arts and giant monster flicks, cool mecha, anime, comics and manga often confuses her fellow co-workers into calling her "dude". She's been rumored to scare Marketing people with the ability to firmly say "NO" and threaten with an invisible MA5B Assault Rifle.

Lorraine is the creator of numerous works of instantly recognizable Bungie-related art. Just by way of a few examples out of many, Lorraine is the creator of Bungie's 10-year anniversary poster, concept art for numerous Bungie games, Halo Babies, and several avatars used on (including custom avatars for Forum Ninjas Foman123 and Duardo).

Lorraine is known among the Bungie Community for being friendly and amiable. She has hired community members in the past to work for her, including Shishka, and frequently appears at community-related events.

Trivia Edit

Nickname: mehve

Current Job: Pixelsmith

Origin: Philippines

Blood Type: Iron-laden Age: 32 +

Weight: Like a Puma Height: 5'5"

Girth: What???

First Job: Illustrator

Hobby: Drawing, reading, cooking, teasing the resident neanderthal(s).

Ultimate Dish: Crab Curry in coconut milk over Jasmine rice

Ultimate Snack: Salt and Vinegar Chicharon (that's pork rinds)

Favorite Fiction: Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind (as translated by Studio Proteus)

Movie seen the most: Totoro (lost count after 30)

I might hit you with... a metal t-square

Links Edit

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