LooneyCass1 (also known as LC) is a member of He joined on January 9, 2006 and is currently an Intrepid Mythic Member. LooneyCass1 is active only in his favorite groups, and also spends a good amount of time in the Halo Reach forum. He is one of the Moderators in the Twelfth Armored Division and an administrator in Marine Commando Squad.


After getting his hands on Halo 2 in 2004, LC was having a fun time with the game for about a year. Later, he learned about Xbox Live and immediatley joined in. About another year later, LC found out about the Seventh Column, Bungie's fanclub. He immediately joined, hoping to get some information on Bungie's later projects. Instead, he got information on different kinds of sub-fanclubs, also known as groups on So LC joined his first group known as The Marine Commando Squad, a group created by ReDnEcK3 and co-administrated by Dark Assassn.

It had a ranking system based off of the military ranks (which back in 2006, was all the rage). So LC slowly brought his rank up until he was given the Spartan rank (aka moderator). However, soon after, the MCS was hacked into. Twice. All of which was ReDnEcK3's fault. He was then kicked from the group and the MCS slowly lost its glory. Now, it is near death.

LC soon stumbled upon BigRed009, who invited him to the Twelfth Armored Division. A group similar to the Marine Commando Squad, except more friendly and laid back. LC accepted the invitation and spent most of his time there. Later on, the Twelfth Armored Division (TAD) died. LC (with the help of Dark Assassn, Girly Spartan, and others) was now trying to bring back the MCS, failing in the process. ReDnEcK3 would later join, then quit, then join again.

On April 15th, 2009, BigRed009 invited LC to the new Twelfth Armored Division. He immediately joined, started a game night system known as Gamedays, and is now active in that group, serving as one of the Moderators.

Active GroupsEdit


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