When going on to the homepage, a random phrase appears beside's page. These phrases can be about random things or some of Bungie's phrases.


  • We reject your reality and substitute our own!
  • Keep It Clean.
  • Lumpy pudding is against the rules.
  • Don't make us kick your ass.
  • Satisfying your mom since 1991.
  • Step 6 Complete.
  • You can haz Recon.
  • Tank beats everything!
  • Frog Blast the Ventcore!
  • Pretend its a Popsicle!
  • Watch your step.
  • Don't use -blam!-.
  • Get Hired, Get Fire!
  • No, we're not going to "verse" you.
  • There will be a payoff.
  • Moar Sausage!
  • Come for the stats, stay for the lame jokes.
  • Where's my team?!
  • Stosh's mom is a classy lady, too.
  • Brought to you by the number 7.
  • Bungie: 1; World: 0.
  • Upon extended consideration, we approve of Pants.
  • So you may have heard of this "Halo" game we made...
  • Think before you throw!
  • I blame Stosh.
  • You're a good player, and your mom is a classy lady.
  • You have no rights. Play nice.
  • Now with more cowbell!
  • The home of Marty O'donnel.
  • This one goes to eleven.
  • Nathan Fillion returns our phonecalls.
  • We promise to keep our sniper rifles off the streets.
  • Get the slingshot ready!
  • Johnson knows what the ladies like.
  • Too long, did not listen.
  • People have been pounding our site for years. Big time.
  • For the record, she LOVES my air viola move.
  • The Tru7h. The Whole Tru7h. And Nothing but the Tru7h.

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