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Lio000 has been an active member in the 7th Column community since early 2005 or late 2004. He is very diabolical and evil. He has a lot of alt accounts that have been changed around throughout the years. Ones I shall keep in secret but here are ones that everybody knows: KooLio578, Luxitive Lui, YaY Ferret, Lio, and one that got deleted. He is the leader of The Evil Council, and lets not talk about his past endeavors because they are too much to talk about. He is active also on halowiki, rvb, myspace, and in real life, lol. He is an activist/rapper/beat-Koductor. The first group he joined he was working underground in secret with Untamed Lekgolo against a rival conq, Sonny Forelli. He did some spam and conqing in the time, he thought it was fun as those silly forum games so why not? then he stopped because he wanted to keep it clean and focus more on Halo competition, etc. he also thought up the Bungie Group Wars to settle stuff on live but never got around to doing it.

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