Lil Miss 35 is a member who began her slow but sure conquest of the site on June 12, 2009. While most Bungie members attempt to dominate the site by means of notoriety, Lil Miss does this by slowly winning/taking over the hearts/minds of members.

Username and Member InfoEdit

Lil Miss's username originates from the fact that she is indeed a she, and the username had been used 34 times before. It remains unknown if she is indeed small.

Her signature is "Free hugs here." You will be hugged even if you don't ask.

Member InfoEdit

Status: Member

Halobaby cortana

Lil Miss's Avatar

Member Info (Coup)Edit

Status: Om nom...


Lil Miss's Coup Avatar

Facts About Lil MissEdit

  • Lil Miss is as sweet as she seems. This can make confronting her exceedingly difficult.
  • Everything about her is classified. Give up trying now.
  • She is most likely the newest member to receive universal recognition in the Flood forum.
  • Lil Miss will hug you if she likes you. Do not attempt to break free. If you do, she will glomp you, possibly resulting in injury or death.
  • She will be overly personal if she wants to. Get used to it.
  • Although some may regard her as clingy, she's just affectionate. In a clingy kind of way.
  • She will kick your ass in any Halo or Call of Duty match. No questions asked.

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