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Legendary Members Only is a group for Legendary Members all across to come together! No doubt some of them will turn Mythic during their stay, and when they do they will not be banished from the Group. When the time comes and we all start turning Mythic, then a new generation of Legendaries will join and keep the tread going. The "Only" in the Title could be misleading, but you do have to be a Legendary Member when you queue for join, from there on you can fluctuate as much as you want.

Group HistoryEdit

The group was created on the 6.02.2010 by ExquisiteDragon, since then there has been over 50 members that have joined. We are still recruiting so if you are a Legendary or Mythic Member then join today.

Notable MembersEdit

Superusers (Admins):

Master Hawtness (Master Moderators):

Hawtness (Moderators):

  • Da bomb drop
  • Count Blinkula

Group TitlesEdit

Admin Ranks:

  • Superuser - (Administrator of the Group)

Moderator Ranks:

  • Master Hawtness - (Has more powers than "Hawtness")
  • Hawtness - (Standard Moderator status)

Standard Ranks:

  • Not kool - (Non-member)
  • Legendary - Standard member status, all members start here.
  • Honorable - Be a kool member!
  • Noble - Be an awesome member!
  • Exalted - Be a -Blam!- crazed member!

Other Ranks:

  • What a bastard... - (Given to those who are bastards)

Community ContributionsEdit

- N/A

Group FAQEdit

Legendary Members Only FAQ
If you have a question about the Group, ask it here and it'll be answered.

  • Q. Why is there some members in the Group that are under Legendary status?
  • A. Every Member here was Legendary at one point, Members below the "Legendary" status will not be accepted, except for special occasions.

  • Q. What happens when I go up to Mythic, can I stay in the Group?
  • A. Of course as you have been a Legendary Member

  • Q. What about Mythics, are they allowed to join?
  • A. Only if they admit how much kooler (Yes with a "k") we are =P

  • Q. Can I edit the Bungiepedia page?
  • A. Yes but make sure you don't fill it up with trash and that it's appropriate.

  • Q. Can I recruit members?
  • A. Yes but make sure they are Legendary or above.

  • Q. How do I get promoted?
  • A. Theres different titles for different things. For more information on Titles, check this Thread.

  • Q. Am I kool if I leave the Group?
  • A. Hell no.

More will be added in due time, ask us the questions and we'll do the answering!


Legendary Members Only

Group TriviaEdit

  • The Group is ran by ExquisiteDragon, ARBITOR 5, xReconAssassinX and Sergeant Kyuun.
  • The group originally was started by ExquisiteDragon, but there was a few members that offered to help out with the group so he promoted them to Admin.
  • Mythic Members are required to admit that we're better than them before they're allowed to join the Group.

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