Le Dustin is an extremely annoying teenager who acts like a 10 year old. If you're lucky, you'll catch him an intellectual discussion without insults and crying, but this is a rare occurance. It should also be noted that once the sun falls and mods go to sleep, the child in him awakens, and the shit posting is unstoppable. He is also known for breeding an army of alt accounts. Although this cannot be confirmed. One could only speculate what he plans to do with them. 

It is also believed that he is a closet homosexual, but once again, this remains unconfirmed. He is a member of Sapphire and posts in Sociopaths United often. Once in a while he will join the movement to try and revive the discussion of the dead group 'Secular Sevens.' But all you really need to know about him is that he's really fucking annoying. Like really annoying. 

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