Floodian Throne

Kris on his Imperial Throne of The Flood

Krisman123123 is a member of In recent times, he has become the self-proclaimed emperor of The Flood. Before this, he was relatively unknown, but he gained his fame by posting a thread declaring his ownership over The Flood, similar to that of Harlow's.

His message to the flood

I'm so the reason everyone's making wikis of themselves

Declaration of Imperial StatusEdit

He is the second person to ever declare leadership, and what started as a joke may become the second Harlow. Within the forums of various private groups, Kris has begun assembling his Empire, and will soon organize it in a HRG-like group, composed of his loyal subjects, Imperial Guards, close friends, and High Ranking Officials and Executives. So far, he has 229 followers, and counting.

Laws that Krisman123123 has Passed as EmperorEdit

1. Bacon law: From the day of the thirteenth, I declare that 'all flood-made bacon is free of charge

2. Waffle law: All waffles MUST have complementry syrup on them.

3. Anti-Furries: From now one all furries are irritating and wierd. TO THE DUNGEONS

4. The anti-troll act of 2011: All trolls must be less trollish and only troll on 4chen or omegle or some other garbage

5. Porch day: I declare that the word "Porch" must only be used on the day of March 18th, and building code=NO PORCHES

6. The cake: The cake being a lie, we must ration the cake and only use it on Porch day

7. Meme rule: I declare only EIGHT Meme can be used in a day. Challange accepted

8. Zombie treaty of 1975: Only ONE zombie thread may be used in 'one day.

9. "I second that" is now a meme

10. 'There shall be cookie parties on the day of Friday

Executive Officers Of His Imperial GuardEdit


Th3 Invader

Rahm Emanuel

the cobbler






Groups and other Non-Empire ActivityEdit

Krisman123123 is also well known among a few private groups. These include The Floods Army, and more notably, it's branch groups, The Flood Reserve. In The Reserve, Kris is the leader, and at one point considered stepping down. It s believed that The Flood Military branches will assist in the enforcing of Kris's New Floodian Empire.

Link to ProfileEdit

Krisman123123's profile


Krisman123123 is a humorous leader, but knows his way around the leadership role. He is usually adept to humor, but can be serious when needed. He is usually modest, but has a sliver of arrogance, and he is a fan of cookies.

His requests to his minionsEdit

For his influence spread.

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