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Not much is known about koopa man, because the government keeps all information about him secret. All that the government has released is that his date of birth is may 9th 1993 and that his gamertag and profile is koopaman.

Through different eye witnesses, civilians have a rough idea of what he looks like- he is a male, tall, and INCREDIBLY handsome. These witnesses reportedly saw him training the secret service and the navy seals, then fending off an assassination attempt on the government leaders at the same time. Unfortunatly these witnesses all died in freak accidents the next day so no more information is found on him.


Several people have speculated that after the last koopa king was destroyed, koopa man rose up and took the throne. What he did with it and his newly aquired army of turtles is also unknown, although recently a man came forward and claimed to have bought the throne itself on ebay, we are keeping his name classified to protect his identity. Koopa man has is rumored to have kept the army for his own personal needs, some are servants, others are bodyguards, while others are his personal assassins.

Some people claim to see him frequenting the flood, while others have had sightings in the reach forum.


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Gamertag is koopa man profile is koopa man

His gamertag in not linked because, for whatever reason, he cannot log in on

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