Knights of Cree
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Motto KoC: We got tired of rejecting the name and instead we embraced it.
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The Knights of Cree commonly referred to as KoC is an Off-Topic group. It is one of the most active Off-Topic Groups on It is a pretty relaxed place. Everyone feels like friends, and it's easy to settle right in.

Moderating Team

Administrator :


Notable Members

  • IliKEpOPtaRTs54-He is really Skeletor in disguise.
  • Jack With 4 - He likes KoC in and around his face
  • Apollo cree - Created group (see group name)
  • Lt Sartor - Is really a man.
  • an elite decoy - The best damn soldier thats ever driven a fire tank.
  • TDR Mudcat - An unsung hero. He gave his life, to prevent Achronos from nuking the flood. Although if you asked anyone about this occasion, they will deny it. That twas the third(?) time he has died. One time he was resurrected by jesus. Is also the flood brother of rienstien (see below)
  • rienstien - The flood brother of mudcat (see above).
  • Trilliant/Vrilliant - The most badass motherfucker there ever was.

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