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Quotes Edit

  • "Walking the endless path."
  • "Not again?!"
  • "Only you can make your future. It is not carved in stone. No one else can change it for you. They can only follow suit."
  • "Who the hell are you?"
  • "Only in the darkness of defeat can one learn from mistakes fro those without them are as ignorant as a man who stares towards the sun." Life Edit

Killocity is a member of He has been a member of since 4/19/2005. In his time he has created a numbered of alternate accounts believing to number in the 20s to 30s. He started conquering small groups about 7 months into his bungie career. The most noted groups that he either conquered or dealt a serious blow to include UNSC Ground Battalion, The Covenant, The Arcadian Lords, and UNSC Alliance.


Killocity’s first major group that he conquered was UNSC Alliance, a group consisting of more then 300 members. He befriended Elite Commander, leader of the group at the time along with Ahdinh2 and Ranger_117. Killocity first conquered the group in order to give power to Ranger after he “grew bored” he handed control back to Elite Commander and left the group. Although he then went on to join The Separatists, although he only joined with the intention of stabbing them in the back. Joining up with The Covenant under an alternate account, Warrior Elite 85, he then revealed his plan to betray the Seps. On that night he used his administrative powers to delete all the members but the two administrators of the 400 member group UNSC Ground Battalion. After that he went one to destroy The Covenant’s 2,000+ post RP. Although he did this he still remains a Zealot in The Covenant.

Current timesEdit

Killocity's account has gone inactive and he now spends most of his time on Warrior Elite 85. He is an Administrator in Sons Of Terra, Zealot in The Covenant, Staff Sargent in UNSC Black Ops, a Mediator in both The 7th Column Assembly and Fire of Tru7h, and "Whooper of Ass" in the Agency. He no longer conquers. He is known for his strong ability in RPTs.

Gamertag Edit

xTDKx Gandhi

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Killocuty's Profile

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