This person is a former Bungie Employee


Killane's real name is Jacob. He has worked at Capcom, Amazon, Thomson Gale, and Bungie. He has a Scientific and Technical Communication degree with a specialization in Digital Media and Online Publication.



Killane's custom avatar

Killane was a Contract Front end Web Developer for Bungie studios. He was known for hiding Mythic Map pack codes in the source code of and changing the Rock God Webcam. Killane did not posses any Moderation powers nor did he have a Custom Title. He did however, have a custom avatar. Killane joined on Feburary 11, 2009.


Mnemisis avatar

Killane's Old Avatar

Killane was suddenly fired from Bungie Studios around September 12, 2009. It is believed to be due to a thread that he created in H3ITWP and BUNGLE asking for donations. If this was true, it would be a violation of his contract, thus the reason he was fired.


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