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Kalriq also know as Olly is an average user of After many years on the internet he began to refer to himself in the third person which is what lead to the creation of this article. Kalriq's sanity is somewhat questionable but it all adds to the enjoyment of when he is posting drunk. Many of his ramblings are followed by the -K- signature, not even he knows where this came from, although apparently Shishka was involved in it - although the true dark nature of this has been lost to time.

One day he may rise up and take over the world if he can accquire a working internet connection and play a real game on Xbox live.

As a self proclaimed games enthusiast he enjoys play Counterstrike Source, Descent I + II, Homeworld 2 and of Course Halo CE + 2 pc.

He plays alot of instruments, including the guitar, piano, bass guitar, drums and sings.

His current avatar is the Ace of Spades and he resides as a Noble Legendary member.

"Nothing beat's the couch, xbox live and beer..."

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