Currently known as Solonoid.

A passiv yet stern Floodian,

If you don't ruffle his feathers the wrong way, he'll be pretty agreeable.

Jayex's current avatar


Jayex is a filmmaker, writer, actor, musician, and avid supernerd.

He has knowledge on a wide variety of sciences, and most of it is absolutely useless.

The Flood and other ForumsEdit

Jayex has been around for a while, but never as a regular poster until mid 2013.

He can come off as strong, because he's been watching for years and knows everybody, but not everybody knows him.


  • These are the things we have always known, for they are in our blood.
  • I am Deus Ex Aliquis
  • Those who refuse to see the dawn of a new day, are lost forever in the night.


My right hand is on a cold glass window, and the Virginia countryside rolls out beneath my feet.

The train lulls and bobs beneath my feet, shaking my view of autumn pines, and the early morning mist.

There is a table in the booth in which I sit, where I rest my left hand. Slowly, I run my right hand down the window to rest it on the table beside my left.

With effort, I pull my eyes from the countryside, and let them rest on the other beauty, sitting across the booth from me.

She smiles at me, and I smile back.

You must know that forever, is not eternity, and infinity must die. All that claims to be forever can never see the light at the end of the tunnel. It just doesn't end soon enough. So remember the next time you decide to make a permanent change, only love is forever. And forever, is not eternity.


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