Jomdoe drew this in math class, fixed it up a bit using GIMP, and is using it as his (somewhat mediocre) coup.

Jondoe4362, or simply Jondoe, is a user. Jondoe first learned about Bungie sometime in late 2007 after purchasing Halo 3, which was his first experience with Halo since playing it at his cousin's house in 2002. He was quickly addicted, using every scrap of spare time playing with his friends in custom games, specifically infection variants. His interest in the series led him to, and he decided to join the website February 15, 2008, in order to have access to the extra features associated with his service record. After looking around a bit he discovered the Halo 3 forums, mostly lurking, occasionally making a tentative post. This in turn led him to The Flood, thrusting him into the world of internet culture. To this day Jondoe is an active user, posting mainly in The Flood still but occasionally in the Septagon or private groups, namely Eros.

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