== jjboy84 ==

The Creation of jjboy84Edit

On October 15, 2007, the all powerful being jjboy84 was created. There are many mysteries around the appearance of this diety, some say that the account created itself, while others believe that the account was an alt acco


The other creator of Jjboy84, one on the left

unt created after the owners original account was banned, the most widely believed theory is that the account was created by The ghost of Stalin, The creator of Grammar, and Raptor Jesus so that they could project thier communist and grammar ideas on to the forum one thing is for certian, the creators of the account did not
Creator of jjboy84

The creator of jjboy84

believe that it would become os powerful.

The fall of jjboy84Edit

During a period of time known as porch day, The almighty jjboy84 fell victim to the banhammar. After being banned, JJboy84 redeemed himself and escaped bandu and reached the status of leg

Hammer and sickle

Ideals of JJboy84

ed up his existance. The current status of JJboy84 is active but he is flying under the radar to avoid a permenant trip to bandu.

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