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JimH is a prolific poster in "The Flood" on, with well over 1000 posts in the last three months. Most regular Floodians consider JimH to be one of the most active Flood posters.

He also achieved fame on the Halo 3 forum with his popular satirical "Energy Rowboat Theory," which received nearly 250 responses over five months, one of the longest lasting stints for a non-stickied thread in history.

Name Origin and Other NuancesEdit

JesusismyHomey's name is the love child of a hot topic shirt and a character limit.The original phrase was first noticed by the user upon entering a Hot Topic store and noticing a t-shirt with this tongue-in-cheek phrase. However, limits the amount of characters in a user name. Thus, the original name of JesusismyHomeboy had to be altered to have one less letter.

JesusismyHomey has a history of being misspelled and improperly capitalized. This is a very pressing issue according to JesusismyHomey. The most common mistakes come from laziness; capitalization errors have shown to be very common. Either forgetting to capitalize "Homey" or forgetting capitalization altogether have been the most problematic for posters of the forums.

Another issue is with the acronym, JimH, often used to shorten the name for brevity's sake. Note how only the 'J' and the 'H' are capitalized. This coincides with the capitalization of them name when it is spelled out.

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