Jesusislives Halo 3 player model

jesusislives's player model

Member Profile

jesusislives is an active member of He tends to frequent the Flood, ODST, and Halo 3 forums, although has recently moved away from the H3 forum due to the incessant amount of trolls.


jesusislives operated under an alternate account OMGItzDavey between the dates of September 16, 2009 and September 29, 2009. This was because his Windows Live ID had been hacked on 9/11 of the same year.

Join Date/Information

jesusislives joined on July 16, 2009. He has linked his gamertag to his profile, also called jesusislives.

Post History/Information

To date, jesusislives has recorded 300+ postings. Most posts have been serious replies or threads, while a small minority have been troll/spam threads.

Ban History

jesusislives has been banned twice. Both were 7-day bans. The first was for trolling, the second for religious discussion.

Group History/Information

jesusislives has been a member of 7 groups on He has been involved with these no longer active groups- The Celtic Crusaders, The Social Slayers, and Parnassus Imaginarum. He was the founding member of The Celtic Crusaders, which lasted for a very short time before dying completely. He was an extremely active member of the Social Slayers during their hayday, unfortunately, the group's membership slowly died out. He is currently a member of Forge Cafe, RaNK HeLP OnLY, The Bungie Podcast group, and the Slender Man Group.

Flood Friends List

  • Lt Sartor
  • Memphis blue 72
  • halo9303
  • VeraciousPrune
  • Slender Man


  • jesusislives resides in Middle Georgia, and is currently enrolled in High School.
  • jesusislives is an avid MLG fan, and has been seen defending the circuit many times.
  • jesusislives has been cited as saying he doesn't hate Rhea, as many other Floodians do.
  • jesusislives frequents the Flood Forum most often, citing its overall goofiness and level of maturity as two endearing qualities.

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