They tell me I'm an attention whore, but between you and me, I think they're just jealous.

--Jay's forum signature.


"Five star approval." --Harlow


"i dont understand any of you

not the cbm and chupa thing, the being able to tolerate her, let alone like her thing." --Typhlosion

"Your clothes are the only ones I want to mess with, love." --Harlow

Real Life

  • She's a girl
  • She was a med student, but she decided to go off and do other things
  • She's dating Harlow
  • She loves Sapphire

If you have not heard all of these things at least once, you've clearly never spoken to Jay before. Ever. Life

Jay's entrance into the Flood was marked by a spate of hot topics, mostly of her creation, that resulted in her invitation to Sapphire. Since then, she has become something of a cult figure, drawing adoration and ire in equal amounts from those who have been fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to get to know her. Between bans from the mains (generally for trolling and flaming, two things she seems to enjoy immensely), Jay scopes out the Flood for new recruits to Sapphire and repeatedly (and loudly) expresses her disdain for people who do not belong to her private group of choice.

Has been referred to as Rhea v2.0

Bungie Games

The less you get Jay to play Halo, the better, really.


Jay's username almost everywhere online has been "jaythenerdkid" since she was fifteen. Her gamertag is no exception.

Her motto is "Jay dea est", because for some reason, XBOX Live wouldn't let her use "fabricati diem, pvnc".


Most of Sapphire has Jay's phone number, street address or both.

Online contacts:

Twitter: jaythenerdkid

Facebook: itsjaythenerdkid


The only group she actually seems to frequent is Sapphire, though she has been spotted at Writers Corner and sometimes slums it in Eros.

Links Profile

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