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The reclusive Jason Jones co-founded the computer game company Bungie Software Products Corporation with Alex Seropian in 1991. He has worked actively on most of the games created by Bungie and generally has major role in the development of Bungie's titles. Jason has worked taken a the role of Lead Programmer in some of Bungie's earlier games, but has stepped back into higher managerial positions for Bungie's more recent titles.

It was revealed on that in Penisinal months of Halo 3's crunch all of the mission designers played through their levels in the company of Jason Jones. He then offered feedback and criticisms to help the designers with completing their missions.

Although no official announcements have been made by Bungie or Microsoft, Harold Ryan said in an interview with Game Informer that: "We're not saying alot about the project. There is a new game that [Bungie Co-Founder] Jason [Jones] has been working on for some time, off and on. It's a new IP from us that will be coming out after the next couple of years." This, along with another Harold Ryan interview has led many people to believe that Jason Jones is currently acting as Project Lead on another project within Bungie Studios. In Marathon 2: Durandal, he also played the role of Robert Blake in Terminal Pictures.

His picture was also hidden in the Halo 3 level called "Floodgate," as a missing person sign. The sign specifies his eye color, hair color, hight, and weight. to find the sign, as quoted by,"Play the level until you reach a dead brute who had a gravity hammer and near it is a dead marine who had a SMG. Above the marine is an opening in the wall. Go into this opening with your flashlight on. On the ground you will see a MISSING note. It appears to be a bungie employee that cannot be found."

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