Ivory Tower
Ivory Tower
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Motto Many have opinions about what the truth is. What they do not realize is that "truth" is subjective. One truth may prevail over another, but such an end can only be achieved through discussion.
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Founded by Deus_Ex_Machina, a dedicated chapter participant, Ivory Tower is a group designed to gather the very best of discussion and debate on There are not many members, as the founder does not have much time to actually recruit and participate, but they are (for the most part) smart and capable of supporting an intelligent discussion.

Ivory Tower turns its back on the nincompoops and other imbeciles (plus some of the many alcoholics) of (may they rot in peace) for the reason that the very purpose of the group is to be mature and behaved. The members have full control over the resource articles and news, a privilege that members of other group take some time to earn, because it is intended to be a democracy where every decision is up for change (except the "Deusing Out The Pain" and "Chief of Staff" ranks--those are permanent). These liberties can be easily taken away if the user is demoted from the default Member role to "Lowly Servant" or "Disposed Of".

The successor of Guild of the Reclaimers, the creator's previous group that he dissolved when all but one of the topics on the forum were archived because of its dilapidated state, Ivory Tower utilizes all of his group-running skills. When he has enough time, he will resume recruiting.

Hallmarks of Ivory TowerEdit

  • The Outhouse: This is the spam center of Ivory Tower, founded by retardo (who, admittedly, originally called it "Spam Center"). The name is fitting--it is a place to dispose of unnecessary digital bodily waste.
  • The lax rules: This is a simple listing of rules that apply to Ivory Tower. Some of the restrictions from the main forums (such as posting about an individual person or double posting) do not apply in the group.
  • Religious debate: This is a topic intended to discuss religions. Contrary to Deus's oringinal expectations, it did not spiral out of control; indeed, it developed into a polite metaphysical discussion that is going to this day.
  • 2012: A topic founded by Bornswavia, 2012 is a place of discussion about the apocalyptic predictions for the year 2012.

The Official Equation of Ivory TowerEdit

This is, at this time, the official equation of Ivory Tower:

\sqrt{y+28(i^3)}=\frac{\sqrt{\sqrt{(\sqrt{58x!/\sin x}+\sqrt{\sum_{i=1}^{x}{ y_i^2 }}}^3}} {5e^2-17\pi}

Admin Approved

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