The user on this page is a Employee. For details and for a list of Bungie Employees, click here.
The Bungie Employee featured in this article is Old Skool.


Nickname: Rhizus

Classification: OldSkool

Current Job: know it all

Origin: Washington

Blood Type: watery

Age: Classified

Weight: Classified

Height: Classified

Girth: Classified

First Job: shingle dipper

Hobby: absorbtion

Ultimate Halo Match: Sidewinder, CTF, all weapons, all vehicles

Ultimate Snack: peanut butter bars or cheese puffs

Ultimate Website: Classified

Mode of Transport: Blue 03’ Acura RSX as cool as he can afford to be

Fake Weapon: magnetic underpants


New to Bungie and defying definition. His inner workings masked by an impenetrable haze of assumed genius.


Link to Meet the Team

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