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IcedPea is a super active member of He gets along with generally everyone, and is a self-proclaimed "Super chick magnet".

You will generally find him in the Septagon, and some various Community groups. He hates the Halo 3 forum ever since it became, says IcedPea, "A place littered by despicable nonsense, crap, profanity, and an overall dirty place. Not to mention the sidewalks are littered by heroin needles, and the grass is made with you-know-what leaves, and the sidewalks are paved with cocaine."

IcedPea is known as "The Webcam Stalker", due to a thread he created entitled "Who the hell is this?" He created the avatar that is a photoshopped version of the NBA emblem, with a black border and the words "Halo 3" in the bottom corner. Most people say it's an MLG avatar, although Pea has said many times it is not, although it could resemble that of MLG.

He is also known for his comic, in which he doesn't find funny at all, but many others seem to see it as a brilliant stroke of genius.

He is always constantly yapping about getting customs titles, text colours, and becoming a forum ninja, although he knows it is highly unlikely. He once claimed over Xbox Live to his Chibi 27 that he had been sent a message from Achronos asking him if he wanted to be a forum ninja. When Chibi called it as a lie, IcedPea PM'd him an image of a message, photoshopped to appear as if it was from Achronos. However, the text was poorly done and green in color.

IcedPea's gamertag is, as he calls it, "secretive". He doesn't give it out too often unless he knows you well on Bnet, meets you in Halo 3, or if you "suck up to him enough." Or you can just look at the tag linked to his profile. ;)

IcedPea is currently in the Se7en Seas training to become a Future Pimp At Sea. This is IcedPea's avatar he created

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