General iSystematiic (above) -An extremely experienced veteran at which underwent many augmentations (classified) at which the U.N.S.C has not disclosed. These were said to spike the individuals nervous system giving them surgical precision as well as stealth like tactics. However only about 1.4% of the spartans of the U.N.S.C have such permutation, represented with flames. Most patients that underwent these procedures unfortunately died of cardiovascular problems first thought to have no relation to these augmentations. Although the ones, such as: General iSystematiic (S07) benefit from they're tweaks due to they're bodies natural adapting process.

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iSystematiic Rank: Field Marshal, Special Unit*

*Project Autumn; SUCCESS (Classified)

Medals, Accomadations obtained: 107

Leader of the entire UNSC among commanding officers. Does appear in the field and has been proven to be a leader, and better yet, a Battle Changer.

Using an aggressive, yet stealthy approach to combat, "Deaths stay low, hopes stay high."

(Ineffecient) (Low) (Moderate) (Plus) {Surgical}

Weapon(s) of Choice: Battle Rifle, D.M.R, Sniper rifle.

Comments- Overwhelming on the ground, Natural leader.

-Accurate with all weapons, grenades as well as vehicular mounted turrets. *All pilot licences obtained

Top two advantages: Accuracy, Intelligence

Pilot Grade 6, All licenses obtained (Flight, Naval, O.R.V, (Including Weapon Mounted Hogs.)

Major War Victories: 5

General Sytematiic attended many of the well known Major battles as well as, Blood River, Operation: TAC, and The Battle of Oliver, although was said to be the hero in one of the U.N.S.C's losses: Desert Trap commonly known as Operation Suicide.

(Classified) Underwent Augmentations in a small well orginized project known as: AUTUMN throughout the high ranks of the U.N.S.C. Only a small portion of the spartan army was eligible to not only undergo, but to survive this procedure which typically includes:

-Increased Accuracy, Stealth Tactics, Intelligence slightly increased through the inclination of reflexes as well as predator instinct.

-These tests usually consisted of about 100-150 spartans in a large surgical camp would be monitered while undergoing the procedure. Only an estimated 34-46% of the already small amount of spartans surivived the Spike to the nervous system, which is what actually onsets the medical augmentations through atom combinations on the individuals RNA structures that delivers them to the ribsomes within thier cells dispersing such as protiens throughout the organism.. ALL SPARTANS AT WHICH SURVIVED WERE GIVEN RECON (the only armor to support such enhancments) As well as a Legendary trait: a Flaming Helmet to represent thier superiority on the battle field. These spartans are typically among the highest ranks ( Offier ranks )

iSystematiic, Field Marshal, collaborative, adaptable and intelligent he is simply a weapon in and of himself. His feats have proven him deadly aswell as trustworthy, lonewolf in battle, but can manage regimins, Truely a Veteran, Colonel, General, Field Marshal, his battle tactics and approach to large scale combat is umatched,

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