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ID Phoenix has been a member of B.Net since '04. Phoenix came to in hopes of finding out news of a new Marathon game. He was let down, it seems Bungie doesn't want to continue a series that kicked off their fame. While there, he stumbled across the Zanzibar Forum. Phoenix lurked for awhile enjoying the things he saw. He became more active and even started joining in some groups. The first group he joined in was Broken Flames, created by Flame Starter.

Phoenix encountered Flame Starter talking shit in the forums. Phoenix couldn't resist messing with him and the resulting war between the two was Ace to say the least. Phoenix came to respect Flame Starter and vice versa. They combined forces along with a cat named Biggin who shared their enthousiasm for trolling.

The three of them used to bombard all forums with hate of Halo 2. Posting things from and calling out the makers of Halo for their utter failure at not only ruining Halo, but abandoning Marathon.

His account was first perma banned by Shishka, due to posting content from Then unbanned by Shishka due to alot of ass kissing, later on his acct was deleted due to inactivity. There was a time when he actually was away from, but like everyone, he came back. Before and since his return, his ban history is either impressive or disgusting depending on your point of view. He prides himself on pushing the limits and accepts any and all bans with humility and a smile.

He is a moderator and council member for groupKOTOR. A Sci-Fi/Fantasy fan group.

Phoenix spends alot of time in The New Flood. Also called I-dot's flying circus by he and friend Cactus_Jack12. Cactus Jack12 is also known by many, MANY other accounts. He is also the creator of Pezza Smash a group dedicated to the Moderator, Pezz.

Right now Phoenix has a hatred for most of, especially the Septagon, which he calls the Whineagon, and The Flood. He feels the Flood has betrayed itself and needs to be purged of all existing life. He continues to bitch about the Zanzibar forums being gone, something he hopes to get changed.

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Spiritus Noctis

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ID Phoenix's Profile

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