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The Bungie Employee featured in this article is a Newbie.



hdubya's current avatar.

hdubya is a Bungie Employee, hired in September of 2010, currently managing customer facing data centers. hdubya previously had the Forum Ninja title bar with the title "Ops Overlord", which caused much confusion. He had only posted three times since he joined on 8.15.2010, until he suddenly became active on, and then also gained the gold text affiliated with Bungie Employees, along with a new title, "Combat Commander" and a new avatar.

Default avatar

hdubya's old avatar.

hdubya's username may be just random jibberish or have an internal meaning; however, nothing has been confirmed. Nothing more is known about hdubya at this stage.

Explanation Edit

When asked why his text had originally been orange, he said he had "never got around to setting gold".



hdubya's current title bar.


hdubya's old title bar.


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