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Hawks Avatar LifeEdit

hawkeye543 first joined 12.29.2007, while he originally browsed in 2006.

Hawkeye can be found on daily posting in the Septagon, Halo 3, Optimatch and Flood Forums. Hawkeye is widely recognized and occasionally criticized for the signature he leaves below every post he makes, '~Hawk'. In the late summer of 2009, Hawkeye was interviewed by urk as one of Bungie's Average Joes. His article can be read and viewed here.

Real LifeEdit

Name: Zach

City: Bellevue

College or University: High School

Real Job: Part time .

Favorite use of the number 7: Tru7h

Dreams and aspirations: Infinite women

Favorite Drink: Dr. Pepper


ZK Hawkeye


Average Joes


Facility B5D

Teh 1337ists

Team Mythic

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