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Halomcee, a user that joined the community on March 20th, 2009 after few days of getting an Xbox LIVE account.
Halobaby cortana

Halomcee's current avatar HistoryEdit

The BeginningEdit

Halomcee joined the group "Forge Cafe", it currently holds 2500+ members, and is founded by undr zid. He decided to start a Forger and Map-Tester career in Halo 3 but without knowledge of this art. A few days after joining this group he saw a post about map testing by the username "AOR SOUPMAN" which earned Recon before the Bungie vs The World Humpday. Halomcee asked AOR SOUPMAN for a spot in the gameplay tests of the Forge Cafe's community created maps, and he received it. AOR SOUPMAN then ended his Map-Testing career for a while, halomcee then created his own post for testing maps that gained more replies than the SOUPMAN's thread. Halomcee received a lot of positive comments from his thread, he tested many maps properly and gave a lot of feedback to the creators, his career was incredibly important after testing many Atlas map submissions that are currently in Matchmaking, he mainly focused in the Hidden Spots of the maps. After testing at least more than 60 maps he received the Forge Cafe Map-Tester title, he also received a spot in the pinned topics section of this group, the thread was about the community maps that were Rated 9 or above.

Advanced JobsEdit

Halomcee received many group invites during his career, he usually accepted many of them. He later joined a group called "Forever Forgers", witch currently holds 800+ members. He was active in Forever Forgers and was participating in many threads, he soon earned the Active Member Title, and later on earned the Heroic Member Title. The leader of this group "Sworn Shadow" promoted him to a Staff member of Forever Forgers, he finally received the "News Reporter" title.

He later joined another group, called "The Cutting Edge", witch was created by "Debo37", after checking Debo's maps that were in Bungie Favorites. He started a professional Forging career after checking all the guides that were written by members of this group. Halomcee has been and is still an active member of this group and has earned the rank of "[3] Ascendant". There is still more to see from him within this group, and he knows he can, and he knows he will gain the rank of [4] Veteran.

Halomcee started joining to Spotlighted groups during his "Advanced Forge Career" he created some Halo 3 gametypes for his own Clan that were accepted in 2 different groups for Bungie Favorites. The "Snapshot" group accepted one of his gametype submissions, then he joined to "Owners Of The Katana" group where 1 map and 2 of his gametypes were accepted in time.

The Ending Of His CareerEdit

Halomcee received a group invite to join an exclusive group, "The Knights Of Bungie". This group is intended to be for the best user-created content types. He talked to the leader of the group, "ExaltedWarrior", curiously halomcee previously tested and Spotlighted one of his maps in the group "Forge Cafe". The Leader of this prestige group asked him to make a map creation, halomcee finally decided to end his Forger career with the map that will be used as a submission to being accepted in "The Knights Of Bungie". This map is still in process but his Xbox Live and activity has been reduced.



FF Leaders Forum

FirstClass Photographers

Forever Forgers

Forge Cafe

Mythical Group

Mythical Group Favorites

Owners of the Katana


The Cutting Edge

The Knights of Bungie

Total Groups: 11.


Halomcee's account.

Newest Map.

Halomcee's Personal Website.

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