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  • Halo_Tru7h joined on August 15th 2005.</li>
  • He is very active in many political and religious groups on bungie, spanning from Brothers In Christ all the way to the #moap community.He is well respected across seemingly every religious group on bungie, and reverence for him extends far.</li>
  • He is an Admin with the group Brothers in Christ.</li>
  • He rarely posts on bungie's main forums, though he still maintains the Exalted Mythic title. According to him, he would not even visit if it were not for his passion, the private groups.</li>
  • He goes mysteriously by the name of "flowers" on #bungienet and is very VERY affectionate towards other users.</li>
  • He is a member of the extremely selective and elitist group "You are not Welcome" and is a spirited contributor there where very few can see what he posts.</li>
  • He frequently beats his friend, WB Wolves, in online chess.</li>

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    Halo Tru7h's Profile

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