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After the Real Time Strategy game, Halo Wars,was announced,a chapter (group) was immediately created on for fans of Halo and RTS's alike. The group was the first, and is currently the only, Halo Wars chapter on It was named Halo Wars RTS.

The chapter was founded by WyattFNEarp in September 27th of 2006. With help from SS_Zag1 and Ciaran the chapter was able to grow relatively quickly and as of 7/9/07 has 131 members.

What sets this chapter chapter apart from others is that it doesn't blindly recruit members and also does not allow forum games. As much as possible the chapter focuses on intelligent conversation that stays on topic. The focus is about quality and not quantity of members.

To promote activity Halo Wars RTS does these things:

  • Weekly (or so) polls* Bi-weekly funny, halo, clips
  • Monthly (probably changing to bi-weekly) Community Spotlights (which are done randomly...though we choose more active members more often)
  • The Postaculariouser Contest: The funniest/best post of a given week can choose a temporary custom title within the group.
  • The Wishlist: a conglomeration of the site's best ideas that we would like to see in HW.
  • Staying on top of Halo Wars updates from the Halo Wars website.
  • Consistent, intelligent, discussion threads...look through them..not just the new ones..for the old ones continue to hold merit.
  • Organized group gaming days (coming back soon)
  • Unique, choice based, ranking system.
  • Asterisk Wars thread. A way to employ action on your part in a fun roleplaying manner.
  • Spotlights on other RTS games
  • Halo Wars ‘Create Your Own Scenario Thread’ - a Halo Wars RPG
  • New, ‘What Would You Do?’ Thread testing your RTS strategies.

List of Moderators & AdminsEdit

Halo Wars RTS is full of well-disciplined and encouraging moderators and administrators. The following are active mods & admins.

  • pittofdoom (Grand Admiral)
  • chickenlittle (Grand Admiral)
  • LewTheBlu92 (Fleet Admiral)
  • MastahCheef117 (Fleet Master)

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