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Former leader of the mighty Sangheili, Halotitan has created the Last Resort with much help from his friends and his Co-Leader, Halo2Girl (Wolfie). When he first joined the Sangheili he was quickly promoted to Stealth, the moderating position of the group because of his natural leadership and activity. With in a month he was able to work himself up the ranks, gaining the respect of Imperial Admiral Fastrigger117. Eventually he became the first Fleet Master, second in charge of the group and this is where his leadership took off. He gained the respect of many of the members, many who thought that he was in charge of the group. His posts amongst the forums attracted many and even stay with him until this very day, threads like "Inside the Mind of Halotitan" come to mind when a member thinks of his popular threads.

After awhile Fastrigger couldn't control his group anymore, real life matters had affected him deeply and he was forced to leave the group, placing Halotitan in full command. The group started to take a change towards the off topic matters, a fate that many Sangheili followers disliked because the group was based on the Elite race. Titan saw this as an opportunity, a way to get a decent group started without offending anyone in anyway, a group made by the people and for the people. With the help of active members in the Sangheili, the name Last Resort was acquired along with a catchy motto for the new group. Halotitan and Wolfie proceeded to make the group and opened it to the public just a few days later.

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