On Sepetember 30, 2003 Gearbox Software released the PC version of Halo: Combat Evolved and added a few additional features that were not seen in the Xbox version. It supports a free online multiplayer as opposed to its couterpart on the original Xbox which only featured splitscreen and LAN. However, splitscreen multiplayer was lost entirely in the PC port.

Hpc prisonflame

The Flamethrower as it appeared in Halo PC.

New WeaponsEdit

  • Fuel Rod Gun - A Fuel Rod Gun is the Covenant equivalent of the rocket launcher. Instead of rockets, it fires arcing fuel rods and does not have a zoom, although the fuel rod gun has a higher rate of fire, it uses a battery, and can overheat like other Covenant weapons.
  • Flamethrower - Was originally planned to be in the Xbox version but never appeared because of time constraints. The Halo PC Flamethrower is very similar to the Halo 3 Flamethrower, with the exception of a longer fuel nozzle, and it does not pull you out to third-person view or slow you down.

New VehiclesEdit

  • Banshees - This is the only Banshee in the trilogy that can fly backwards, albeit poorly (this was used instead of the hover function).
  • Rocket Warthog - Absent from the Xbox version, the Rocket Warthog has a triple barrel rocket launcher with a rate of fire similar to the infantry version, but has a horrendous reload rate. It also has unlimited ammunition and travels at the same speed of a normal warthog.
  • Shade - The stationary turret that was absent from the Xbox multiplayer version, it is available in certain maps in Halo PC.
Halopc gephyrophobia


New Multiplayer MapsEdit

  • Death Island
  • Gephyrophobia
  • Danger Canyon
  • Ice Fields
  • Infinity
  • Timberland

Links Edit

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