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Guardian Hunter is the leader of one of the largest and most long active groups on, Mjolnir Battle Tactics. Guardian Hunter founded Mjolnir Battle Tactics (MBT for short) when he was in college and continues to manage the group to present day. His official title within the group is Commander & Chief, indicative of the naval hierarchy of ranks. Other leaders that have helped out in the management include EAGLES5 and Papa John.


Guardian hunter avatar

Guardian Hunter's current BNet avatar


Guardian Hunter's old BNet avatar

Traditionally this avatar has been used by Guardian Hunter as long as he's been a member of However, in late 2008, Guardian Hunter switched his avatar to be his emblem from xbox live which is the Mjolnir Knights insignia.


  • The creation of Mjolnir Battle Tactics on January 20, 2005.
  • The completion of MBT's 200 page Halo 2 Strategy Guide and subsequently publishings on Bungie's homepage.

Story behind the NameEdit

The name was conceived when playing on a game of Coagulation and being killed by the Guardian's for what at the time was perceived as no reason. What actually happened (which was not discovered till much later) was that a warthog Guardian Hunter had been in had violated the map geometry and because of this it exploded but since nothing destroyed it, it registered as “Killed by the Guardians”. Being new to Halo, Guardian believed that it was caused by an outside influence affecting the gameplay such as Bungie Studio’s tapping into individual games to “mess” with players. Therefore to get to the bottom if this Guardian joined registering as a Hunter of the Guardian’s  and posted the question “Who are the guardian’s?” on the Halo forum to received the answer that they were nothing more than the games way of dealing with unexplained deaths. Thusly, the name Guardian Hunter was registered and the legacy that follows the name began.

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Guardian Hunter

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Guardian Hunter's Profile

Guardian Hunter's Group

The Guide Interviews Guardian Hunter

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