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Grunt Lover's current BNet avatar

Real Life Edit

  1. Location: Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
  2. Wears Pants: Yes
  3. Favourite Drink: Vodka Life Edit

Early History Edit

Grunt Lover joined on the 5/10/2006 (Or the 10/5/2006 as he prefers to call it) after years of Halo playing and a long time casually scanning the forums. During his first months or two on, Grunt Lover posted mainly in the Halo 3 forum and The Flood.

His first chapter recruitment was to that big group with the fancy French name that nobody can remember, which he soon left. Soon after he joined Stories & Speculation (Deceased), and founded some other groups (Deceased).

He also joined the infamous Popular Fusion, where he spends most of his time on today, as a Administrator of awesome.

Grunt Lover can occasionally be sighted in The Flood, where posts cynical comments and criticises people for being foreign.

Aliases Edit

Grunt Lover is also known by his Gamertag "Crazed Kiwi"

Gamertag Edit

Crazed Kiwi

Random Facts and Some Random Speculation Edit

  • GL has been banned from both Alabama and Texas
  • The entire CIA database on "Archon" was wiped mysteriously in 2002
  • GL does, in fact, approve of pants
  • Many report that GL can "Move things with his mind"
  • In 2003 there was a reported siting of GL in Sydney, Australia
  • "Archon" allegedly reported the 2009 invasion of NZ by the joined Swiss-Dutch army, where 567,000 sheep were killed.
  • In 2005 a dozing ranch-hand from Maine by the name of Peter reported seeing a Crazed Kiwi in his dreams!
  • "Archon": has been speculated by many people to be a acronym.
  • Some specualte that GL once drank liquid Awesome, he later broke out in hives and admitted to being "Awesome intollerant".
  • GL is rumoured to have adopted a child with Deltahalo UK , the sex of the child remains unconfirmed.

Friendy People Edit

And some other people that he can't remember right now...

Groups Edit

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