History Edit

GruntX Joined during his Comm Tech class in high school when KrazeHawk logged in beside him. He has been a very active member, with a few exceptions scince. He has become Well known and many people have found him to be very random. He has a vast army or Alternate accounts (or attempted to turn into main accounts) Starting with but not limited to; A bob named joe, Greatgrunt, Gruntish Grunt, Protest the hero, Ninja bob 0 and many many more. He has a succesful group called the United Grunts, and several groups he has tried opening scince have yet to meet with the same success. Right now he is founded to group still alive one just starting up and still needs some help. The band, and United Grunts. He is also very lazy.

UBER EDIT BY Crossfire64: Also awesome leader of The Republic Navy and Army at one time!!

Gruntx edit: After he left bungie to do things in his life, his group united grunts collapse due to his appointed leader evil fluffy locked out the forum

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