Georgek 16 is a Dinosaur native to an unknown mountain in New_Zealand . It is said that this mountain overlooks the town Georgek 16 was raised in by scientists for an experiment, but the escape led to all officials denying knowledge of his existence.

The Georgek 16 is known to feed on plants only, a Herbivore . As it has a hyper active conscious and cannot take the life of another.

Despite residing on a mountain, Georgek 16 manages to connect to the members of Mjolnir_Battle_Tactics over the internet. What he is using to access the web is unclear as no currently existing computer is designed to be operated by a creature of his physique. It is highly likely that George's creators developed an unknown device to achieve this goal. George is also highly active on Xbox_live . Microsoft has released statements that it hasn't released any kind of console that could accommodate a dinosaur and the source of George's Xbox 360 is speculated to be yet another design from the unknown scientists.

Georgek 16 is said to be considering gameplay commentaries in the near future. The world draws its breath as nobody knows what George's voice will sound like or if he will even be able to speak.

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