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"I'm leaving this group run by [Nazis]." - Himself

Real life Edit

Garshne is an Indonesian born resident of Australia. His real name is David. His date of birth is the first of January, 1995. He was bullied during high school, as he liked to remind everyone. Regardless, he has an avid interest in writing and is currently working on his first novel. Life Edit

Garshne42 was a member of since 08.04.2008. He was an active poster on the Off-Topic forum, The Flood. He began posting on The Flood around late 2008, after creating a couple of threads on the Halo 3 forums. At the old age of Fourteen, Garshne became ingrained with the off-topic community at The Flood. He made friends with other active posters of the time, most of whom are now long gone.

Popularity WarsEdit

Garshne got stuck in to the Popularity Wars of 2009, firmly entrenched on the Rhea side of the fence. During a thread that Rhea had made, about her trip to Europe, Garshne was invited to and agreed to join the private group Take Over Teh World.

Take Over Teh WorldEdit

Garshne joined Take Over Teh World in mid-2009 and became a part of the group discussion. And being a fourteen year old, going through high school and being bullied, he started making blogs. These rather prolific and fairly inconsequential blog threads led to Rhea creating the "Blog Here (A place to share your life, emotions, problems)" thread.

Throughout his entire time in TotW, Garshne was an active member, especially on the TotW tinychat. He was a regular on the tinychat, visiting near every day from 2010 to early 2012. It was on the chat that he made a name for himself in the TotW community. As the members started to leave and the inactivity in the group forums grew, it was the tinychat regurlars who became the core members of the group. Garshne, as an active and everyday member, became one of these core members, along with the other members of the group.

Bungie GamesEdit

Back when Halo 3 was a thing, Garshne was really into Forge and map-making. With the consequent release of Halo: Reach and others, Garshne has thus lost interest in the Halo franchise. He does, however, look forward to how Bungie will do Destiny.

However, on 07/08/2017, Garshne admitted that he was no longer looking forward to what Bungie would do with Destiny.


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