Future 510

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future 510 is an active Floodian, visiting The Flood Forum almost everyday at all hours, but is seldom recognized. He can be observed contributing his fair share of spam and randomness, but occasionally poses sincere questions. His posts don't draw to much attention, even if he says anything outlandish like "I think your all gay" in all probability a post like that would probably only generate 10-15 replies."The middle child" nickname comes from his apparent lack of attention. future 510 holds up the Flood with a sense of honor and belonging, since most Floodians are misfits, but are proud to express their randomness. When it comes to rival forums and groups like /b/ and the New Flood, future 510 won't hesitate to kill anything foolish enough to declare their allegiance aloud. He has led many counter raids against these groups, often resulting in tremendous success.

He also tends to disagree with the forum ninjas, with the exception of Captain K Mart. future 510 has been banned many times, and at the rate he's going, he'll make honorable in 5 years! His alter ego is also Issac Clarke from Dead Space.

Known associates Edit

phantompop, Captain Ossome, and Chupa Dave

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future510's Profile

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