Frogman77701 is a tool, herp derp.

He spends most of his time wondering why his life sucks. It's probably because he doesn't have a job. Deep down, he probably knows that, but he just isn't motivated enough to change that. He has very little friends, and the ones he does have wonder why they are friends with him. He has had one girl friend in his whole life. The relationship lasted only a month before she broke up with him, making it the first time in the history a girl cut ties with a guy for taking things to slow. This landed him a spot in the Guiness book of world records, although only for a short time, as the next year they had to make room for worlds smallest chode. Coincidently, he took that record as well.

And the funny thing is, no one on the Flood (the only forum to recognise users on here) knows who the hell he is. :)

But that's what this page is for, education, you got dang furry!

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