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Forge United is an Xbox LIVE clan focused on the creation of custom maps and gametypes in Halo: Reach using The Forge. It is unaffiliated with the Halo 3 clan of the same name.

Creativity and cooperation are valued above all else in this clan. Matchmaking skill is not of primary importance, however, officers are expected to have at least some proficiency.

Admission is at the discretion of the clan leader, and is attained through a try-out session, also held at the discretion of the leader.

Members display their ID as their Spartan/Elite's tag, and change their emblem to the clan's. Members may have any armor colors they want, and choose the secondary color of their emblem.

Admission RequirementsEdit

Applicants must create a map by themselves (gametype optional) to be judged by the leader. If the map is playable, the applicant will be admitted to the fourth tier, provided there is a free slot. If the map is well-made and fun, they will be admitted to the third tier. Especially well made, very fun maps will gain them entry to the second tier. Admission is not automatic, and may be revoked by the leader if it is suspected that the map was not an original creation.

In addition, applicants must meet the following requirements:

  1. You must be over the age of 14, and you must sound like it. No squeakers allowed.
  2. You must have a working microphone. No echoing or static.

Membership may be revoked for any reason by the leader.


As of January 2012, there are four tiers/ranks. A member's tier is assigned to them by the leader(s) as a result of their tryout. Members can be promoted or demoted at the discretion of the leader.

  • Tier one is reserved for the clan leader(s).
  • Tier two is for especially talented forgers. Tier twos must also be good matchmaking players as well.
  • Tier three is for good forgers.
  • Tier four is for student forgers. Currently, the majority of members occupy this tier.

Members (Incomplete List)Edit

(Last Updated: 1/26/12)Edit

The first number in the ID designates the rank of the member. Slots marked with ? are unknown or empty.


  • FU1 - L33t Hotshot (Leader/Founder)

Advanced Forger(s)Edit

  • FU20 - Revegeance

Basic ForgersEdit

  • FU30 - ShiroNoOokami (Wiki Moderator)
  • FU31 - VP SN1P3S (Official Website Moderator/Administrator)
  • FU32 - ?
  • FU33 - b0ycey17298
  • FU34 - ?
  • FU35 - ?
  • FU36 - ?
  • FU37 - F1R3 S7AR73R (Registrar)

Student ForgersEdit

  • FU60 - NgapuhiHard72
  • FU61 - chris8965472
  • FU62 - HRL NoGravity
  • FU63 - xxMontyxx43
  • FU64 - TurtleGabe
  • FU65 - ?
  • FU66 - Spectre 495
  • (FU67) - Red Reaper 58 (On Hiatus)
  • FU68 - Insanic chaos
  • FU69 - Marvin Th
  • FU70 - ?
  • FU71 - Amycat5
  • FU72 - ?
  • FU73 - PrimeCloudXII
  • FU74 - ?
  • FU75 - ?
  • FU76 - ?
  • FU77 - HotShots43
  • FU78 - ?
  • FU79 - ?
  • FU80 - ?
  • FU81 - ?
  • FU82 - edog pow11
  • FU83 - SenorPacMan

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