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Motto Doing Foman's mom, one thread at a time.
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Fomans Mom is a chapter founded by Duardo on July 1st, 2008. The group's focus is to basically talk about anything and everything Foman's Mom. Foman himself is a member of the chapter. The group was created in response to Foman telling everyone to PM Duardo about everything. That was a response to Duardo insulting Foman's mom on a regular basis. There are currently around 250 members in the group.

Group DescriptionEdit

This group is here to talk about Foman's mom, and the wonderful pleasures she gives all of us.

Group MottoEdit

Doing Foman's mom, one thread at a time.


There are currently three roles in the chapter.

  • Foman Mom Lover - Regular member titles
  • Foman's Daddy - Duardo's title
  • Son of Fomans Mom - Foman's title

The EndEdit

On January 6, 2009, the groups Fomans Mom and PM Duardo called a truce.

Here are the news stories:

From: Fomans Mom

Truce has come for PM Duardo and Fomans Mom

We have many fond memories here on One of my most memorable is when i first talked about Foman's Mom, and what we did during the wee hours of the night. Alas, I am dumping the ho and moving on to greener (and less bushy) pastures.

Thanks for all the memories friends. It's been fun.

From: PM Duardo

This group is being disbanded

It's been a fun time, but the meme has run its course. This group will be shut down and disbanded in a few days. Thanks everybody!


Fomans Mom

Admin Approved

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